I want to take a few minutes to unpack a common criticism of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, namely that it glorifies abusive relationships, telling impressionable young girls that it’s okay if their boyfriends shout at them and get physically violent, because they can “fix them with their love.” While it’s easy to look at the movie’s reputation in pop culture and make that assessment based on the broad strokes, if you look a little closer you’ll see that this assessment is complete hogwash. Let me explain why.

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Creepshots are not okay, taking creep shots of men is also really not okay, and apparently a bunch of websites are devoted to it.  Some of these have been taken in men’s bathrooms.  

"settling the score" by invading men’s privacy is seriously not cool.  Can we please do something about this?  It’s invasive and nasty and these men aren’t the men who contributed to creepshots of women (or at least they’re not targeted for that reason)

I will totally enjoy seeing a hot guy in public (or a hot lady, TBH) but no way in HELL am I ever going to take a photo of someone without their permission for masturbatory purposes.  This is fucked.

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Hannah Gadsby on rape culture (x)

Real shit

How to make a joke involving rape

mock rape culture (aka bring awareness), NOT the victim

good stuff

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First Look at Once Upon A Time graphic novel, “Shadow of the Queen”

Source: TV Guide

THIS IS NOT OKAY. Do not want Regina touching the Huntsman in ANY form.


Also, when did Regina turn into Lucy Lawless?

Yeeah. There is like .001% chance this will be done respectfullly/without trying to imply the Huntsman had some ability to consent. And even if it is done well, it’s not a story we need to go into again. I have a feeling it’ll be mostly ‘oh, poor Regina, so starve for love, look at the lengths she goes to’


…although, I do like how monstrous her hands look. That’s a nice touch. I have a lot of thoughts about the posing/little details. BUT I STILL DON’T WANT THIS.

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Raffi is on twitter speaking out against rape culture

this is real

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Spokane, WA, USA

(I run the bar at a small pub. We’re near a major university, so we get a lot of college kids. Some of them are real jerks and we sometimes have incidents with guys who are clearly trying to get girls drunk and take them home. We make a point to step in whenever we see it happening. On this particular night, one such guy is plying his trade on a girl sitting at the bar.)

Guy: Come on, gorgeous, have another. Here, I’ll match you shot-for-shot, okay?

Girl: (much more intoxicated than him) I don’t… I’m not sure I wanna… I’m getting too drunk.

Guy: Aw, come on. You want to have fun, right? Here, have my drink, okay?

(I’ve seen enough and am about to step in when a stranger suddenly walks up. He’s only about twenty-something, but looks really “old school”— he’s wearing an old-style suit and tie and is walking with a cane he doesn’t seem to need, and he’d hung up a bowler hat on our coat rack. In a bar full of t-shirts and shorts, he sticks out like a sore thumb.)

Stranger: Excuse me, my good man. I believe the lady said she was done drinking.

Guy: Excuse me, buddy, but I didn’t ask you. If I want some b**** to drink, I’ll give her a f****** drink, f*****.

(The whole bar goes silent.)

Stranger: Call me what you will, but I will not have you impugn the lady’s honor. Leave, or I will remove you myself.

Guy: What, you think you’re a bouncer or some s***? Let’s go, right here.

Stranger: Very well. Do you have a sword?

Guy: A what?

Stranger: A sword? For… no? Ah, more’s the pity. I’d hoped to settle this like gentlemen. Well, one mustn’t fuss.

(He sets his cane down on the bar, and it makes a rattling noise. I didn’t check, but I’m willing to bet there was a sword in it.)

Stranger: (Getting into a boxing stance) Shall we?

(The fight is over fast, before me and my coworkers even think to call security. The stranger bounces the aggressive guy’s head off the bar and knocks him flat. He pulls out a wallet and lays thirty dollars on the counter, and takes back his cane.)

Stranger: There, that should cover his drinks and mine. I think I’d best escort the lady home, she’s had a bit of an unfortunate night. I trust your staff can handle the gentleman on the floor?

Me: Uh, yeah. Yeah, we’ll kick him out. Thanks.

Stranger: Simply doing my duty. Come along, miss. I’ll need your address to walk you home.

(He turns to walk away for a moment, then turns back.)

Stranger: If I could trouble you for just one more moment, what year is it?

Me: It’s 2012, why?

Stranger: Two thousand and twelve? My goodness, that was a devil of a jump. Fascinating. Good evening, madam!

(He turns, takes his hat and the drunk girl, and leaves. We’ve never seen him again, but we still tell stories about the time we might have been visited by a time traveler.)


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Disney Anti-Rape

I’m not always a fan of Disney, but when I am it’s because it came from feministdisney.

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Rape culture is telling a female celebrity she “should have worn underwear~” instead of confronting how it’s really fucked up that men can make a living by forcibly shoving camera lenses between young women’s legs every time they leave the house.

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favorite person

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